Architecture of the gold tower in Seville

la Torre del Oro en Sevilla >>>Architecture of the gold tower in Seville

This historical tower has been performed in 4 major steps. The first coincides with Abù l Ulà, the Almohad ruler who demanded its construction in 1220, this part is the first floor with a twelve-sided or dodecagonal pattern and showed curious aesthetic interest in the tower.

Also was given a golden appearance using for it a covering of yellow tiles and tiled areas without a mixture of pressed straw with lime. The tower at sunset reflected in the river and gave a beautiful effect as to gold.

The tower remains Muslim Only 28 years because in 1248, in the time of the reconquest of the city becomes Christian but does not change anything until 100 years later with Pedro the Cruel adding more height but respecting the 12 faces.

Finally in 1760 the navy engineer Sebastian Van der Borcht, add the dome and the cylindrical piece much smaller. Which gives it its current appearance.


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