Silver Tower of Seville

la Torre del Oro en Sevilla >>>Silver Tower of Seville

Silver Tower of Seville

Few people know that the golden tower has a tower sister in the center of Seville on Santander Street. We refer to the Torre de la Plata, silver tower, from Seville, a thirteenth century octagonal tower built by the Almohads and which initially had the same home that his rich sister.

Gold Tower is joined by a silver wall in Arab time establishing the limits of the city. It has a small altar to the Virgin on the sides where residents often leave candles and prayers.

Silver Tower of Seville

Althoughit was partially restored in the vast Expo 92, the tower hasn't visibility of the river and it is very left and invaded by plants. The surrounding space, currently used as parking and during the decades 80-90 was a refuge for the homeless.

It's almost miraculous that the tower has survived so long with little care and authorities are currently making arrangements for repair.

It is in this

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