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The Tower of gold in Seville

la Torre del Oro en Sevilla >>>The Tower of gold in Seville

The Tower of gold in Seville

As a reminder of the golden eras of the city , the golden tower of gold rises majestically on the banks of the Guadalquivir river. Despite what its name might indicate, the Indian gold never came here and his name is derived from the Latinization of Arabic names.

This watch tower called Bury al-dahab or golden tower of the river was once in the twelfth century one of the main towers of the walls that defended the alcazar of seville. This tower was albarrana which means that is a tower of a fortified wall arc united only by a door to isolate it if necessary.

This tower has a peculiar architecture of three levels of 12 sides and each piece has had an illustrious builder.

sunset over the golden tower in Seville

Throughout its history it has gone through many uses as diverses as prison or a chapel and a time of neglect in which Was to be lost and eventually saved by the people of Seville. In the last century thanks to the army and navy has been restored and now houses the Museum of the Navy.

From its 36 meters high has been watching the last nearly 800 years of the city and all the Christian history that has surrounded the city.

A curious aspect is the iron chain that in the Almohads time cut the river and its relationship to its appearance in many shields, in particular, is the tower which appears in the coat of many cities in the community of Cantabria, like Santander.

I encourage you to discover this tower is the living history of the city of Seville ¡¡¡

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